Playing Politics: Dirges For Democracy, 11/4/16 @ The City Reliquary Museum in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

"Playing Politics: Dirges For Democracy" was the inaugural concert for Loud Box NYC. The goal of the event was to address the current polarizing political climate, as well as encourage our audience members to vote on the November 8 general election. The programmed pieces shared a political focus ranging from the humorous to the intimately personal. Through art, we sought to provide an outlet for civic thoughts and experiences. 

Our featured ensemble was Schiele, a string quartet formed by Molly Aronson, Mujan Hosseinzadeh, Adrianne Munden-Dixon, and Michelle Painter. New works that were presented:

Shapes of Sacrifices by Ben Murphy
Trump Tweets by Spencer Snyder
When Bill Threw FDR's Wheelchair Down the Stairs by Spencer Snyder
Say by Shelley Washington
Elegy & Response by Michael J Vince